How to Start with the Practice of Writing an Essay

It's not easy to write a composition like a pro. It involves a structured process based on the steps that we discussed above. But you can not write a nice essay by just knowing the steps involved in writing. You truly need tips to do your best in each step. So let's begin with the basics. Here are the tips our gurus have recommended:

The most important step in creating an essay is the choice of the right topic. You get a vast range of subject options depending on your favorite genre or kind of essay. So first of all, identify the type of your composition by emphasizing the prompt you've been given by the teacher. In other words, you want to write a reflection or even a story essay. If you are asked to --'compose an article describing a gift you loved the most', obviously you need to write a descriptive essay. The techniques for composing vary from 1 type of essay into another.