The United States economy

The United States economy is the largest in the world with a gross domestic product around twenty trillion. It wasn’t always like this though, in 2007-2008 the US went through a terrible recession and since then the growth rate has raised at almost a 2.5% rate. The economy has grown tremendously in the past couple of years and it is said to keep going up. There is many reasons that the United States economy is the world’s best. There are many physical factors that affect the economics like the size of the US, the rivers/water resources, mountains, oil etc. The physical geography has positively boosted the economic factors such as trade, natural resources, and transportation.

Through B.F Skinner's studies

Through B.F Skinner's studies, we are able to understand how to use operant conditioning to alter the behavior of both animals and humans. This understanding is not limited to psychologists in laboratories and can be used in daily life. In today's essay, I will be demonstrating how to use operant conditioning on my older sister in order to make her help clean our shared room.

How domestic terrorism is our society’s fault

In the recent past, domestic terrorism cases have been neglected and forgotten about, therefore we’ve been putting the real issue aside, which is to stop domestic terrorism attacks from occurring, and our society is to blame for that. If we think back to September 11th in 2001, some campaigns suggest that children are accountable for the attacks. Lawyers refuse to classify domestic terrorism as a federal law. Not only are they blaming kids, but no one is trying to find the key issue on why domestic terrorist attacks occur. Every year, people are constructing new weapons for attacks, not just in the United States, which is supposed to be a safe, country for everyone of every race, sex, and gender, but this issue of injustice is throughout every country and continent.